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Rutherford Co, TN : Middlepoint Landfill




    General Contractor


    Republic Services



    Cell 11A, B, C involved construction of an 18 acre lined cell.  The project consisted of excavation to subgrade of approximately 9,500 cubic yards, placement of 55,000 cubic yards of structural fill, 81,000 cubic yards of geological buffer at 5’ thick, a 2’ thick clay liner system consisting of 60,000 cubic yards, Installation of geomembrane liner by others, and placement of 1’ protective cover soil material comprised of 30,000 cubic yards of soil material. The leachate collection system entailed 3,800 linear feet of 6” SDR 17 HDPE pipe, approximately 380 linear feet of 18” HDPE sump riser pipes, and 800 linear feet of 6”x3”dual contained leachate forcemain.  Ancillary items include roadway construction, borrow area development, stormwater system upgrades, erosion and sediment control, and permanent seeding.

    Sediment Pond C involved construction of sediment pond C, drainage ditches, and access roads.  The project consisted of placement of 114,500 cubic yards of structural fill for the access roads, 12,000 cubic yards of soil lining for the drainage ditches, and 14,500 cubic yards of soil fill the embankment.  The stormwater system included the installation of a sediment pond outlet structure, emergency spillway, 30” CMP culverts, and a triple run of 4’ x 8’ box culverts crossing beneath landfill road. Ancillary items include roadway construction, removal and installation of fencing and gates, and erosion and sediment control. 

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